Clipper horror and Swiss Ball mishap

My friend Nikki is taking part in a couple of stages of the round the world clipper challenge. It’s her birthday weekend and they’re announcing the skippers and crews in Portsmouth so we had a train trip (almost as fun as a road trip) down for the occasion. As crew she was struck inside meeting her team mates and hearing about what will be happening, but as friends and family I got to go on the boat!!

I had been tempted to join her on the challenge, but after finding out the price and already planning my own trip away I decided against it. Thank goodness I did! I knew the conditions would be tough for them but my goodness seeing their living/sleeping quarters first hand was quite a shock. I took loads of photos and a couple of videos for Nikki and her family to see – Nikki won’t see the boat until her first training weekend and by then it’s too late!

We stayed in a hotel with a gym and pool so after seeing the crew allocation and looking around the boat I headed back there and visited the gym – it was TINY but there was a spare treadmill so I popped on there in my vivos for a little 5min warm up (taking the transitioning v slowly). The treadmill looked like it had a load of water spilled on it, as I was looking around I realised it probably wasn’t water but the result of a man soaked to the skin in sweat who was now making little puddles of water around the stepper – ew!

I then did some stuff with weights and moved onto the Swiss ball for some sit ups and then lying on the ball doing a chest press…… I think I must have had my feet too close together as I suddenly found myself rolling sideways and weights in hands was unable to stop myself and the inevitable landing in a heap on the floor! 3 other people in this tiny gym, I hit the stepper sweaty man was on and no one looked to see if I was ok or even to turn and laugh at this idiotic woman! It hurt…. And I got a massive bruise…… But as no one had batted an eyelid I carried on as though it was part of the plan, but then stretched and headed for the pool, hot tub and sauna – lovely!

Exercise is dangerous people, take care out there!


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