Breakfast with Vivo

I spotted this through their Facebook page, breakfast and a mini running workshop at the Vivo store in Covent Garden. Who better to go with than Nikki?!

We turned up and were the only ones there! It was great, we were filmed running in our normal running shoes, I’d taken my vivos and Nikki her old Adidas. This was my first time running in my vivos, until now I’d only pounded the London streets walking in them. My technique wasn’t too bad, but still heel striking a little, but was nervous wearing them!

We then had to stand on some pressure pads in bare feet to see the weight distribution across our feet and between our feet. Nikki had most of her weight in her heels and was encouraged to try and move that so it was more evenly spread by putting more weigh through her big toe. Apparently this weight in the heel thing comes from the design of more cushioned trainers. Having spent a lot of time with Gray working on the even distribution of weight between the feet and also forming an even tripod of weight across the big and little toe and the heel I was interested to see how I fared….. It worked! The weight was pretty damn even across the feet, but interestingly I was putting more weight on my left side than my right – my right side is usually the side I pick up injuries on……

We then did some ‘toga’ yoga for your toes! And some flexibility exercises and posture, then we were back on the treadmill.

She made us go v slowly working on standing tall, moving at 180 bpm and then made us jump a few times and then run repeating the jump thing as she upped the speed. The jumping is meant to re set your posture and make sure you’re not over striding/heel striking, you can’t land with your feet in front of you when you’re jumping and the quick bpm makes you take smaller steps – from the video it seemed to work!

I’d highly recommend a visit if you’re thinking about moving to more minimalist shoes – they give you 20% off on the day of the workshop but everyday they have a deal where if you buy the shoes and aren’t happy aftere 30 days you can return them and they’ll pay for another pair of trainer (any brand) up to the price you paid for your vivos which I think is amazing!

Also, the breakfast was good – fruit, croissant and real coffee!


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