Mad Monk

Mad Monk in our minds was going to be a warm up to Tough Mudder – it’s an obstacle course and half the distance of TM.

The day dawned overcast, but by the time we’d got to the site the sun was out – 3/4 length leggings and a T shirt – proper summer clothing at last!!

Nikki and I met up with our Borneo buddies Richard as photographer (the race was sold out by the time he applied…..) Claris, Laura and Lizzie. We also met up with my parents as they live close-ish by and it was almost my dad’s birthday.

We had to go to a race safety briefing – with 4 river crossings they wanted to double/triple check that we could swim – we had to declare that we could when we signed up, but still someone managed to enter who couldn’t – insane! We were warned that the water temperature was about 14 degrees (ie cold and would take our breath away) but it was grade A – clean, but still don’t drink it!

We were sneaky and set off in a wave or 2 earlier than we were supposed to, but no one checked on us! Having scoped out the 2 lap course my parents and Richard saw us off and headed to the river crossing – prime photo site!

Warm up stretches

To be honest the course wasn’t that hard, but it was fun and lovely to see our Borneo friends again

The first obstacle was hay bales to climb over followed by running along a stream – getting us used to the water temperature – CHILLY – this was followed by a long run out to a cargo net – 1 to climb over, the other crawl under – there were a lot of these!! Then back to the first crossing of the river – we just had to walk in and swim – was shallow, then DEEP, then shallow and a steep bank to climb up and out on to. It was cold, cold, cold in the water, I focussed on breathing through it, there were men in the water keeping an eye out on us, one was looking at me rather concerned and asked if I was ok, I replied I was fine and he told me to smile then!!! I was busy focusing on breathing and not becoming a block of ice, but did remember to smile after future crossings.

The river - brrrrrr chilly
The river – brrrrrr chilly

The course was then more cargo nets, a cool climb up a v steep bank with ropes to pull ourselves up with,

The Hill
The Hill
spiders webs, a horrible long hill to run up, but a water station (to drink!) at the top and then a series of amazing downhills that we (well, mostly I) ran down screaming and whooping like a child – was so much fun!

Then back to the river, this time there was a water slide to go down before plunging into the river – my bottom hit the bottom the second time around!

Water Slide
Water Slide

From there it was back into the start area with a series of balance beams, logs to climb over and under, a tyre to pop through and a jacobs ladder!

Balance Beams
Balance Beams

and finally a wall to get over – my mum has a video of me trying to get over this – I manage it but it takes a few goes…….

Then it was a quick run to the finish and the end!

The end
The end

It was still beautifully sunny at the finish and I’d promised the girls some of my dad’s birthday cake on the condition that we all sang to him! And, post-run in the sun we did!

Happy Birthday Dad!
Happy Birthday Dad!
Borneo buddies
Borneo buddies

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