Survived first PT and on to Mad Monk – Bank holiday weekend

So, marathon done, first run done, this morning was first PT session with Jel and Nikki in the first time in what felt like forever.

Thankfully it was a beautiful morning, sun was warm, but not hot as we walked into the park.

It was the first time I’d seen Jel since the marathon and was greeted with a big congratulatory hug for finishing it – a lovely start to the session.

However my fears of lost fitness etc were proved right and I was not overjoyed when Jel announced it was going to be a tough one….. The hour flew by, I think I swore a couple of times, had 1 mini hissy fit (he was being all encouraging and positive when I just wanted to be left alone to do it in my own time….. I think he knows that and badgers me all the same…..) but instead of allowing the hissy fit to continue I got a kiss on the cheek and who wouldn’t carry on jumping up and catching monkey bars after that?!

Was a great session with an awesome stretch at the end – we kept an old man in the park amused for a good 10 minutes…..

Next up is Mad Monk on Sunday
Nikki and I are driving up there tomorrow – whoop – road trip! Have booked ourselves into a hotel that happened to also have a spa deal on, so run Sunday, spa Monday – don’t you just love a bank holiday weekend?


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