Oh dear – think this is my post-marathon response……

People talk about the feeling they get after a big event, post-marathon blues etc.

I appear to have dealt with mine by signing up for 2 more races this year…..

First up is a half marathon in August in Cheddar Gorge
If I’d have found this series of races earlier in the year I’d have signed up for the Cheddar Challenge – a series of 3 races with increasing length – finish them all and you get a trophy!!!! Sadly, I’m having to settle for just a half marathon with them this year….
Reading the course description I am very aware that this is no ordinary half marathon, think this is going to be quite a challenge….

The second new addition is a 10km obstacle course in October – the Major Series
not even looking at the course for this – Jel (my PT) helps out on this course and has been badgering me to enter…. so I can only dread what’s in store!


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