First run post-London

Whoop! I went for my first run since the marathon last night – felt very weird being back out again, somehow I was surprised I could still run – like I was going to have forgotten how/lost all my fitness….. (G+T will do that to you)

Met up with Gray and decided that I wanted to do some hills – I have no idea why….. After the second hill I voiced this concern, he thought it was an odd decision too, but had gone along with the madness and we went off to do 2 more!

Was a fab session, a beautiful evening out in the park, great to be back out running again

Then this morning came and the old aching instep/grumbling Achilles was back….. I’m fairly sure it’s the shoes I’m running in – I never had this problem before swapping to them. Promised myself that I would transition to a more barefoot/minimalist shoe after the marathon, I think that time is fast approaching….. might treat myself to a minute or so on the treadmill this evening…..

Tomorrow is my first session back training with Jel and Nikki – on one hand I’m very excited to be training with them again, on the other I am very fearful of what might happen to me – it’s been a good 2 months since I stopped and haven’t really done anything but run and kettlebell since then…… will I be able to walk or raise my hands to hit my keyboard tomorrow? If you hear nothing more from me then will someone come pick up and broken Emma from Finsbury Park and feed her coffee/chocolate (or both)?


10 thoughts on “First run post-London

  1. I’ve been running in Adidas supernovas – my friend has had trouble with her feet since running in them too…..

    Interesting Runners Need reccommend against them, was there a specific reason?…. I know it takes a long time to transition, but I think it’s well worth it in the end


    1. I think it was mainly because of the ‘length of transition’ which made him decide against it in the end – as he’s not a seasoned runner he didn’t want to miss out on a summer of running as he’d only be able to go short distances… I definitely think they sound like a great idea, I too am just a bit lazy in thinking about how long it would take to do it!


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