Back from Barcelona

Happy to report that my legs are back to full walking order – they were on Thursday, then we went to Barcelona, walked miles in the rain, made my feet ache, but all better again now – nothing a coffee and a couple of beers didn’t fix



After the disappointment of my cancelled massage last week, tonight a friend I made from the comedy circuit is giving Nikki and myself a Thai massage – he did a course while we was over there and is looking for willing subjects to practice on!!

After entering the London ballot on Monday (my intention, if I get a place, is to defer for a year until I’m back from my travels) talk has moved from the marathon and to the fun of this weekend – Mad Monk – a 10km obstacle course involving a river crossing – or at least that’s what we thought when we signed up….. on re-reading the website discovered that it’s 4 river crossings and a 50m swim on each!!!!

We’re doing it with friends from our Borneo trip, so it’s going to be a fab weekend, especially as we’ve booked oursleves into a hotel on a spa deal – run Sunday, spa Monday – what more could we hope for?


5 thoughts on “Back from Barcelona

    1. Have a great time – I think its popularity is well deserved. If you’re going to the Sagrada Familia then I’d advise booking your tickets online if you can – there was no queue for that entrance – we were queued half way round the building – it moves relatively quickly, but not as quick as no queue! And the audio tour is really worthwhile


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