It’s wierd (or weird – I can never remember which)

I miss writing my blog!

It’s Wednesday, 3 days after the marathon and what is there to say?

My body is almost back to normal, I can do stairs, sit and stand with grace now, only a little achiness left in my quads…..

Was due to be having a sports massage this evening, but that might be cancelled. Am starting to think a sit in the sunshine with a G+T may have pretty much the same effect!

Have remembered a couple of bits from the marathon I meant to put in my original post – firstly a man who told me in a ‘come on my son’ kind of a way that ‘Emma you OWN this race’ and secondly after the finish a young girl told me that I looked ‘snazzy’ – I took that as a complement…… Oh and the official marathon photos are slowly being tagged – so far I am either in the back of other people’s photos or in the photo but with someone’s arm in my face. There are 3 reasonable ones – 1 ruined as I have my eyes shut! The other 2 are better but I look like I’m in a lot of pain…. Think I’m going to stick with my sunny happy photos taken by my friends!

I had been feeling a very happy, calm serenity since the race – that went this morning after a phone call with my mum…. but off to Barcelona tomorrow – never been and am very excited about it. Not packed or prepared in any way – don’t even know what the weather is like there at the mo!


7 thoughts on “It’s wierd (or weird – I can never remember which)

  1. Ooohh, Barcelona! Go to Sagrada Familia,that`s the Gaudi Cathedral. Oh and the food market-I think its off La Rambla on the left as you`re heading towards the port. Such a fantastic array of food.

    You`re recovery is amazing. I`m putting it down to the G&T!


  2. My London photos would be ok if the managed to get all of me in shot – arms, feet half a body all cut off. Poor composition !
    The finishers one is not too bad so may get that as a good souvenir of the day.


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