Friday – running number day!!

So having been poorly all week and in denial for months today was the day that thins got real…..

Off to excel to get my number! It seemed only right that my running/exercise/adventurer/jungle buddy Nikki should be coming with me

We met on the jubilee line at green park and headed down together

I love the DLR ( docklands light railway) for you non-Londoners not in the know it’s like the tube but it only runs from the city into the docklands area towards the south of London and its generally above ground. But the most cool thing is that it’s often driverless and if there is a driver they sit in the front seat of the carriage along with everyone else. So if the front seats are free you can sit and pretend to either drive the train or be on a roller coaster….. Or both……

We arrived at excel at around 5.30 and it wasn’t too busy, straight up to get my number, the desks are split into about 1500 numbers each, most of them empty, mine was one of the few to have a queue, but it turns out probably to be because the lovely man handing out the packs was full of helpful information. Although took checking my signature very seriously……

There was a big board/wall where everyone can leave a message to support their friends/other runners. Not surprisingly this was also full of messages for the people of Boston, was both sad and inspiring to read them.

Nikki and I wandered through all the stalls – Nikki I think was reliving her trip there in 2011, she is resolute that she will not run another! I had decided that I was going to treat myself to a holder to hang my medal from – I’d spotted the guys from Runners Wall on Facebook and love the site and the food photos they post, so that was my mission of the afternoon. They were easy to track down and I was happy to see that the hangers looked as great in real life as on the website. Stood there chatting for ages, the guy who runs it is also from North London and runs in Finsbury Park!

Out the other side of the stalls were virgin giving photo booths – brilliant – the booths took your photo and a copy came out for you to keep and one to write something on and hang with all the others. The lovely thing to see was it was now full of positive and excited messages. The man organising it suggested I had one with my running number and the one with Nikki and who were we to say no!


Ohhhhh, where's Emma?
Ohhhhh, where’s Emma?

I LOVE the pictures that came out

The winner!!!!!
The winner!!!!!

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