Better but not totally


Feeling much better than I was but still have a sore throat, bunged up nose, cough and not sleeping more than 2 hours at a time

Going to collect my running number tonight, my first real venture into the world since Monday!

Not much excitement from a week in the house, but my hoodie from the cancelled Oakley race arrived – awesome blue and yellow but with a snowflake pattern….. Almost as if they knew……

Oakley Hoodie

Also my running pack from Mad Monk has arrived – that’s in 2 weeks – I asked for a medium t shirt, unusually it’s a female cut rather than unisex but it’s what my mother would describe as ‘a bit busty’ ie far too tight and way too short – shame as it’s a really nice T shirt…..

Tight T shirt

Nice number

Any way time’s up on the internet – using my bf wifi!

Hope everyone is fighting fit and enjoying the tapering, I can truly say that I awfully rested (apart from the lack of sleep). Can’t wait to go get my number and force this cold out of my mind


24 thoughts on “Better but not totally

  1. Rest is best, your body is amazing and will help you rundown Sunday. Most runners including myself are struggling this taper week.
    Good luck enjoy expo it’s huge- was there Wednesday for my number πŸ™‚


      1. I’ve put on 4lb this week with carb loaded. Need to run now !
        What colour start are you & pen number ?

        I’m blue pen 6 number 8667

        Have fun & enjoy the day/ run.


      2. I’ll probably be dropping back to pen 7 to pick up the 4:30 pacers.
        Last time I followed the 4:20 until I lost my tooth & shoe ! This year 4:15 or 4:30. Going to play safe on 4:30.
        Maybe see you tomorrow what shirt you wearing ?
        I’m in a British Heart Foundation red shirt.


      3. Ha ha we were in the same start and probably following same pacers !
        I stayed with the two 4:30 pace girls until tower bridge where I had my first stop to say hi to hubby & friends, I lost the pacers and then had 2 more stops with friends and a beer stop at mile 22 for my dad !

        Well done on getting your race report up and blogged, I’ll get mine written soon.

        Loved the day but think my last London marathon, this was my second, they hurt ! But did get. PB by 3 minutes.


      1. The weather is crazy… we wrote about some days ago – remember? We said it would turn warm and I agree – even though the last couple of days were kinda fresh again – the warm weather coming too quick and the rise in temp is difficult to comprehend body wise. It is better warm than cold – don’t you think ? So I mentioned your effort tomorrow in my last post and I hope it is ok with you. So when running smile into the camera and think that you also have German support while giving your best…
        Good luck…


      2. Hee Hee, I’m British we love talking about the weather!! But yes, it has got warmer, it’s about right now. Will smile at cameras and if you can get the BBC I will give you a wave. Thanks so much for your support and encouragement, it’s been very happily received


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