I’m ill

After feeling a bit under the weather yesterday and going to bed at 10pm, I woke every 2 hours with a fab sore throat, aching joints, prickly skin, sinuses and on getting up major lightheadedness

Managed a morning at work and have spent the rest on the day on the sofa eating oranges and willing myself to get better…..

So much fun stuff to report from the weekend and the night run, but will do it when I’m feeling a little better and have proper wifi….

Hope the other Londoners are well and anyone who did Brighton is revelling in it being over!!


8 thoughts on “I’m ill

      1. Poor you – take a good rest or do you need to work? Guess you still got some preparing to do. How was that Nike running night ?
        Terrible about Boston – isn’t it…


      2. I’ve been at home since Monday afternoon, finally starting to feel better… The run was so much fun, have photos on my phone, will write properly when back in work with real Internet!


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