Energizer night run

Saturday turned into a busy day. Had a great trip to the Museum of London and their exhibition Doctors, Death and Dissection – about the necessity of dissection for medical students, where the bodies came from and how this is being taken forward into the modern day. I would say well worth a visit but it was the final weekend.

I checked my phone on the tube ride home and discovered that Nikki wasn’t well and so wasn’t going to run. Things have to get pretty bad for Nikki not to do something so continued my journey to go see her and give her a hug and some chocolate buttons!

Sadly it was raining and despite the offer of a run in the rain with a free T shirt and head torch there was no one wanting to join us…….

So it was back home and a quick change and off to meet the girls at the tube. 4 of us in total were running. Al and I run at a similar pace but my other 2 friends are far speedier than us.

We got to Battersea in plenty of time and followed the crowd to Battersea Evolution where the race centre was for T shirt and head torch collecting.

Somehow I’d managed to get entry into the Boutique Sport area – was lovely we had bean bags to sit on and vanity stations to apply neon body paint – my artistic skills are not great and extended to splodges on my arms while Al applied freckles in orange to my face

Me and Mr Energizer
Me and Mr Energizer
Tres artistique
Tres artistique

We had a fun warm up, a mass head light switch on and then it was time to head out into the rain for the run. Us Boutique ladies had our own exit out onto the start and we ended up being just behind the fast runners. It looked amazing behind us with all the torches. We set off right on time and for a few seconds got swept away with the faster runners, as they ran off ahead of us I asked Al if she was wanting to run at this pace all the way round – thankfully the answer was no and we slowed to a more sensible pace!

The rain wasn’t too bad and as we were just running through the park there was no traffic just a few odd runners out for an evening jog and probably being blinded running towards us all.

We were doing 10km which meant 2 laps, Al was veering towards the exit for the 5km but I managed to block her path and we went round again. I love London, I love the river and we got to see several of the bridges lit up – beautiful

Al and I made it to the finish in 1:03, both happy with our times and medals also carrots?! Water and coconut water (surprisingly tasty if you go for a flavoured one) Our speedy friends were back in 0:53 – far too fast in my opinion!

But then came what was the best bit of the night and what I think makes this run special – the after party! There were changing rooms so we could get dry and attached to our running numbers was a token for a free drink!

Post race party
Post race party

We went back to our Boutique area to discover a supply of crisps, coconut water and replacing the body paint was deodorant, lipstick and mascara! It was lovely being able to sit and chill out watching others who were clearly there for a party!

Happy ladies with free drinks!!
Happy ladies with free drinks!!

If I was in the country I’d definitely do this again next year – really well organised and great fun


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