I’ve been nominated for two blog awards by 365 days 3000km

How honoured do I feel today? It’s not often in life that you get told that you’re doing something well but today a lovely message dropped into my inbox that Lehorse http://365days3000km.wordpress.com/ has nominated me for 2 awards – the Versatile Blogger award (http://versatilebloggeraward.wordpress.com/) and the Very Inspiring Blogger award.

I can’t remember when I started following the man I know as Lehorse (he has a real name – take a look at his blog and you’ll find it!) but it was sometime this year – his challenge is to run at least 5km every day of 2013 and to get his total distance for the year to 3000km (which aparrently is 1864mi 199.88yd – either way it’s a lot) all in aid of the Karen Green Foundation http://www.karengreenfoundation.com/

It’s a fascinating blog to read (love the chalkboard updates) and now there’s a nutrition diary to follow – I wouldn’t dare do mine….. although his does feature quite a lot of chocolate!! He’s also been very helpful to me with suggestions and encouragement, the nomination means even more coming from someone I also find inspiring – so thank you!


v insp blogger award

Now there are a few rules that come with these awards and they are as follows.

The rules for these awards are:

1. Add The Versatile Blogger Award and Very Inspiring Blogger photos on a blog post – done – see above!
2. Thank the person (or animal) who presented you with the award and link back to him or her in your post. – Also done
3. Share seven things about yourself. see below
4. Pass the award along to 10 favorite bloggers. see even further below!

Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know about the award. as soon as this is done!

Seven things about me:

1. I love the colour pink – not clothes, but phone, ipad, vespa, hair (not now though, I miss it)
2. I majorly lack self confidence, people are always surprised by that – good at faking it, but not yet made it – thankfully I have some wonderful friends who take the time to remind me that I’m doing ok
3. Not sure I could live life without chocolate – milk/dark/white
4. I can do a Turkish get up with a 10kg kettlebell – not gracefully but I can do it!
5. I spent 9 months doing stand up comedy
6. I don’t like milk or bananas but wish I did, means I don’t like 2 major running foods porridge or bananas
7. I break bones on my second morning out when skiing in Europe but not in North America (I’ve not been skiing this year so I don’t break anything and can run the marathon!)

My Favorite 10 Bloggers and please do check them out

(I’m not sure if they’re meant to be wordpress blogs but I’m sneaking in one that isn’t, also this has taken me ages and really I’d love to post all the blogs I follow as I follow everyone that I find interesting/inspiring and usually both)

1. http://www.nachthawk.wordpress.com – fellow runner and garmin lover

2. http://www.bemytravelmuse.com/ – slowly becoming my travel inspiration for next year

3. http://chirunningawaybackhome.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/clarity-along-the-way/ – fellow chi-runner juggling more in her life than I can ever imagine doing

4. http://redheadontherun.wordpress.com/ – lives locally to me (not that we’ve ever met) it’s interesting to read her point of view on places we both go to

5. http://sethsnap.com/ – the most beautiful pictures

6. http://endorphinsjunkie.wordpress.com/ – love that she chased down a dinosaur in her latest race

7. http://marathonsandmacarons.wordpress.com/ – just the owl headband alone would do it for me today, but this is a lovely blog about food and exercise – what’s not to like!

8. http://dosomethingnewchallenge.wordpress.com/ – I’m jealous that I didn’t have this idea

9. http://redhenrun.wordpress.com/ – another blog with red in the title! I invited to chi run if she’s ever in England and has a very cute orangutan picture which is what made me read her blog!

10. http://fitfor365.wordpress.com/ – John was one of my first ever followers and I love reading his blog, as well as running you get to see lots of inspirational quotes and great infographics – always worth a read/look


26 thoughts on “I’ve been nominated for two blog awards by 365 days 3000km

  1. Well good for you… I am glad Brendan (that is Lehorse real name – sorry Brendan for giving that away 🙂 nominated you for both of these awards… and rightly so. It is indeed inspiring and motivating to exchange with fellow runners and see how everybody is doing. So keep up the good work and continue to be inspiring!
    Thank you so much for mentioning my little blog. I am honored 🙂


    1. I know it’s his name, but it’s not how I know him! It’s like my boss at work I’m meant to call him David (that’s his name) but when we first met over 10 years ago I was 10 years younger and he was already a professor, so he’s always been Prof to me, calling him anything else just seems odd…..

      Any how, Thank you and you’re more than welcome – blogging has been great, I’ve met some lovely people, so it’s a nice way to be able to say that


      1. ah ok… thank you first of all… just wasn’t sure what to do next… guess I do what you have done… where did you get those images ? 🙂


      2. just get them from your blog… that will do me… So I have to follow what you did… this is kinda fun… 🙂
        when is that evening or night run (energizer) ?


      1. thought as much… grin – sorry that is not kind I know… remember my first trip over to the UK… I didn’t have a clou what the heck they were talking about… that was so funny… me and my advanced school english – pathetic that was… and funny…


  2. Congrats to you! And certainly well deserved too. You really inspire me to run better.

    I really appreciate you`re nominating me! But honestly, since I`ve only been on the run here for a very short time I`m only a novice at this game and need to develop a lot as a blogger and a jogger to deserve any such honour. Added to that, I don`t want to pick ten out of the blogs I read because, honestly, I`m constantly surprised here by so many of my fellow bloggers.

    Someone like you, deserved the recognition.

    Haha! My orangutan friend appealed to a lot of folk!


      1. More than deserved Emma really do enjoy your blog I better start cutting the chocolate and ice cream out now you have flushed me out to the world lol


  3. Wow, Emma! Thank you so much for nominating me! What an honor! I ran in my 70 mile relay this weekend, and I haven’t really been on my blog to see this. (We won first place all-female team, btw!) You made my night. Especially after the horrific news in Boston right now. We could all use a little good news, a little inspiration right now, couldn’t we? Thank you again. And congrats to you! You most certainly do deserve these awards!


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