10 day weather forecasts…….

That now includes Sunday 21st April……..

10 day weather

10 day weather 1

I’m hoping the BBC are slightly mistaken………


22 thoughts on “10 day weather forecasts…….

    1. You did, but I don’t want it to pick up that much! Bearing in mind that my arms haven’t really seen the daylight and my legs certainly haven’t 20degrees is going to be quite a shock to the system….


      1. That will be a fun night out and drinks afterwards – you said… I was looking at a couple of runs over here. However I am kinda hooked with the reschenseelauf which is in the north of Italy on the 3rd August… thought I manage last year – however no time at all… so this year might work for me…


      2. I have promised another friend my drink!

        Oh that run looks lovely….. I’m meant to be saving for my travels, but I do have holiday to use before end September…..


      3. if I make it – you bet it will be wonderful to run along and around the lake… i just imagine what it will be like with the surrounding scenery… the mountains… wish me luck that I will make it this year…


      4. I think you should book yourself in now and then you have to do it, otherwise it’s easy to just make excuses….. I leave on 5th November you really should you a half marathon before then!


      5. You are probably right, however I will wait and see how my knee is progressing… it has been very good, still not really a 100 %… so I have to make an appointment with the doc… we have a good one in the university in Bochum and I have been before when I had a muscle torn… when he says its ok… then I guess I will do at least the 15 k in Italy…


      6. laughing… I must admit I have no idea… it would be fun to meet up and run together… I agree – however I would go just for the run and not for the medal… 🙂


  1. I saw this too but it’s ok my running buddy says she has spoken to NASA and they are going to nuke a rain cloud for us or maybe she spoke to the Koreans!


  2. I am excited for you all running the VLM. Don`t forget the body glide. Oh, and the nipple tape if you`re a guy!! No this comment isn`t just for you Emma! I spied some woefully bloodstreaked shirts at the end of the Dublin marathon. Eek! Taper week is just brill though. Enjoy!


      1. 12c would be perfect 🙂
        Whilst I like the heat I think it would be too much of a shock after the training months weather.
        Only just ran on Sunday in one pair of tights for first time.


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