Running Number for the weekend!!!

Can’t believe it’s almost here…. what feels like months ago I entered the Energizer Night Run for my final long run before the London Marathon (

Yesterday my running number arrived, the run is on Saturday night – how did this happen? It means it is the weekend before the marathon!!!!

Disappointed that the numbers aren't luminescent
Disappointed that the numbers aren’t luminescent

Really looking forward to it, lots of my friends are running too – it’s at night, we get head torches and there will be glow sticks!

Also has a really interesting timing chip – never seen one like this before……



14 thoughts on “Running Number for the weekend!!!

  1. I`m going to do a night run at the end of the month. I`ll be really interested to see what you think of it. I expect it will be an amazing experience. Enjoy!


  2. I live on Prince of Wales Drive (the road along the south side of the park) and saw you all with your head torches runnin along! It was such a funny sight…and brilliant. Gutted I didn’t know about it as it looked like good fun (despite the rubbish weather) – Well Done! I’ll join in next year 🙂 Good Luck on Sunday!


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