Borneo Trip – Kinabalu

Having done my 100th post yesterday I’ve been remeniscing (is that right?) about the trip…. and came across this you tube clip of the challenge

I can’t listen to that song now without being transported back

The trip is running while I’m actually in Malaysia, so tempting to do it again!!

Anyone fancy joining me?



9 thoughts on “Borneo Trip – Kinabalu

  1. Kim

    Wow, what an exciting adventure! That feels like it would be out of my universe, but if you do this, I look forward to reading about your journey!!


  2. Hello there! Just came across your blog today. When were you in Malaysia? I’m from Malaysia so always get excited when I read about people getting excited about Malaysia! 🙂

    Also I’m volunteering in the London Marathon this weekend so I will be sure to cheer you on as you pass the Docklands Sailing Centre!


    1. We were in Borneo around Kota Kinabalu and on top of Mt Kinabalu – was amazing. I’m going to peninsula Malaysia on 5th November this year any hints/tips/suggestions you have would be great

      Will look out on Sunday for you!


      1. Depending on what you like to do, I would recommend visiting Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Cameron Highlands, Penang, Taman Negara and one of the beaches on the East Coast – Perhentian perhaps.


      2. That all sounds great, had most of it on my list Taman Negara is new to me so will look into that. Will be there in November and have read that the east coast isn’t so great for visiting then, is that really true?


      3. Actually, yes, it is! It will be monsoon season at that point so you may have to contend with a lot of rain which isn’t necessarily what you want when you’re at the beach.


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