My 100th Post!!!

I rarely post from the html view option (I don’t even know what it’s really called!) but today I have and it tells me I’ve written 99 posts – so by pure chance I know this is the 100th

I feel as though I should mark such a landmark in a significant way…. but no inspiration strikes me while I’m sat at my desk in my office

So I’m going to post a picture I’ve found on my computer from my trip to Borneo in 2011 – a life changing experience where I met so many wonderful people.

This photo was taken at the end of an adventure challenge – in teams of 4/5 we were in and around the jungle, running, cycling, white water rafting, sea kayaking, being helicoptered into the jungle, making a camp, cooking our food from a fire we made, trying to sleep in hammock shelters we’d created before trekking out the next day.

Our final challenge was to climb Mount Kinabalu – all 4,095 metres of it. We thought we were staying in a hostel at the base of the mountain, but to our delight (imagine tired, dirty, wet, sleep deprived delight) we were in a hotel complex with real beds and white fluffy robes and slippers and cups of tea!!!!

An amazing group of very happy ladies
An amazing group of very happy ladies

What I really love about this photo is that we were all so happy! I’m in touch with so many people from that trip – 2 in the photo – glasses and headband are doing Tough Mudder with me (along with several others from Borneo) Sal, with the slippers, is in NZ and I’m off to see her next year. Michaela on the right is no longer with us, but was a fab team member and is sadly missed.

Also check out our legs – battered, bruised and bitten!!

If you’re at all interested in the trip, it’s run by an amazing guy called Crispin


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