The trouble of travelling and running away from home…..


16 miles to run tomorrow, away in Birmingham for the weekend, just unpacked my running kit.

All good, but where is my sports bra?? I fear the answer is London…..

Do I……

A) head in to the city tomorrow and get myself fitted for a new one and then go for a run?
B) buy wine, have a drink and go for a run tomorrow when I’m back in London in the evening?
C) give up on the marathon training and spend the next 2 weeks resting?


20 thoughts on “The trouble of travelling and running away from home…..

  1. B. not worth risking new kit at this point but still good to get out there. I’ve started tapering though and did a fast 10 miles today instead of my usual long run at the weekend. Being a girl is so annoying sometimes!!


    1. Option D is a good one, but shops here won’t open until 11, I have to run for almost 3 hours and have a train to catch at 3pm, not sure I’ll fit a run in…… Nightmare of not being at home! And being a woman…..


  2. It is a nightmare fitting it all in, I would tell your BF that he needs to come out with you tomorrow that way when you get in he will be expecting it and wont let you sit down-hopefully. I always find it hard going out later in the day, hence the 6 am start for me tomorrow.


    1. Yep, he’s got me there, it’s always fine once the trainers are on and you’re out the door….. Just was really looking forward to a nice run along the canal up here….. Hey ho!


  3. I hate when runs don’t go as planned especially when looking forward to a run somewhere new and scenic. Oh well hope it goes well in the end. Two weeks to go. Doesn’t that make u feel sick ?! Does me!


    1. 2 weeks is way too close, not sure how it’s come around so quickly! but at the same time I’ll be glad when it’s over – just seems to be hanging over everything just now….


  4. Hey – how did you get on today ? Went out for an easy round and would you believe it – we had some 10ΒΊ degrees… Have a nice start into the new week… πŸ™‚


    1. Hey! Run wasn’t great, didn’t go as far as I wanted, was the end of a long day and a sad weekend (poorly dog related issues) but got out there and ran – in a sports bra! And it was warmer than it’s been all year I think!


      1. Well – you got out there… and never mind the distance, there is always next time.
        sorry to hear about your dog related trouble… hopefully nothing serious. And don’t you just love the little warmer weather..?


  5. If you want to run, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse. Suck it up, buy a bra. A good one, if you are doing it, may as well do it right. You got this!


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