Running on the treadmill

After the trauma of yesterday’s run and the fact that it is still so cold I decided to go for a run in the gym tonight.

By pure coincidence I bumped into 2 of my friends there and so I had company. Was a good job too as within about 2 minutes I’d remembered why I hate running on a treadmill – it’s so boring….

Thankfully we chatted away and time passed, but by 18 minutes I’d had enough, so for a final sprint to make it to 20 minutes we played a game mum had suggested at the weekend. You pick a category, for example boys names, then take it in turns to think of a name for each letter of the alphabet from A-Z

It worked we were at 20 minutes before we knew it! Then had a game of fish catching on the rowing machines and it was time to stretch!

Next run will be outside I think, cold be damned

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