Oakley 20 cancelled due to bad weather

Very unhappy, now I have to find my own route, sort water and everything!

Anyone have a 20 mile route around London or Grantham I could borrow?!



8 thoughts on “Oakley 20 cancelled due to bad weather

  1. Have you looked at running from Regents Park to Hampstead Heath, taking a very roundabout route? Not sure this would be long enough though. Try the forum on runnersworld.co.uk, I am sure there are quite a few people prepping for the London marathon who are in the same boat.


      1. True, it is very confusing. I try to map the run in advance on google maps or street view if it is in an area I don’t know. Some nice hills on the way there too. 🙂


      2. Some very lovely hills!! The trouble with the Heath is that there’s no signage….. I’m safer on roads, but even then I get lost, or take unexpected diversions as I like to think of them….


  2. I was due to run Oakley too but it seems the weather got to most of the races in the area and most were cancelled. Luckily our club rearranged the normal Sunday run to accommodate us Oakley orphans! Hope you managed to get a run in, still got another week to get a long one in though before the taper starts…


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