Foot still working and another fab quote

Went to Chi Running Club again yesterday and it was only myself and Gray there, so a 1-2-1 session! It was great, he focussed, as ever, on my posture and then we had did 3 mile run and today 2 things finally clicked.

We do a posture exercise where we lean against a wall and align our posture. You have your feet about 1inch away from the wall, feet hip distance apart, ensure you’re balanced equally on both feet with your weight evenly spread across the feet. Rest your head and shoulders on the wall and engage your core so that your pelvis is levelled and the small of your back is on the wall

I’ve always felt like I’m leaning back while doing this, but today I realised why – I’m so used to sitting with my shoulders rounded and my head slumped forward, that with my shoulders back and my head up above my shoulders it feels all wrong! The realisation of this was an eye opener, as most realisations normally are!

The second, while out on the run, was related to my shoulders and arm swing. My left shoulder has a habit of creeping up towards my ear. Gray is always telling me to drop my shoulders and to swing my arms more. What I’ve now ‘got’ is how to drop and fix my shoulders in place, and how that links into arm swing. When my shoulders are not in the correct position, I swing my arms with my shoulders, when my shoulders are down my arms swing just freely from their sockets – it’s amazing!

So last night was a great one and I woke this morning with no pain in my foot – awesome

And I read this quote today and thought it was very appropriate for me right now (I’m still on a ‘I’ve just booked my plane tickets for a year off work’ high)

Dr. Seuss:

You’re on your own

And you know what you know.

And you’re the one

Who’ll decide where you go.

borrowed from


6 thoughts on “Foot still working and another fab quote

  1. So glad to hear that the foot is ok!!! I’ve done a bit of pilates and was told to imagine that my hips are a bowl full of marbles and to try keep my posture so that none fall out. Not sure how this applies to running, but when I’m sitting or walking I find this simple thing helps me keep better posture and less stress and strain on places like my lower back and neck 🙂


  2. I`m interested to see how things go with your foot. I don`t seem to invite injury as a rule, but ended up with major foot pain during and after my October marathon. It`s nibbling away at me all the time so I`m trying to find different ways around it. Besides taking a major break from running of course.


    1. Sorry to hear about your foot. Will keep you updated, but I’ve settled on tennis ball rolling and towel picking up as my stratergy for now. Will see how Sunday goes….. The taking a major break is not the answer any one of us wants, so fingers crossed all round!


    1. Was so happy when it finally made sense! Defintely worth trying – when you do it right your arms just swing in the socket – feels so different! Gray also made me check the shadow of my shoulders in the streetlights – could see them bobbing around and then much more still


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