Monday evening Chi Running Club

After pretty much a week of rest I ran and my foot survived!

After taking everyone’s advice, tennis balls, towel picking up, lower leg exercises and tiger balm my foot was feeling much better.

I was just about to close facebook before heading home from work when Gray posted about tonight’s Chi Running Club and I thought well why not, recap on technique and a gentle run (Mondays are more aimed at beginners) good to see how the foot is going.

We did some work on posture and lower leg exercises before heading out for a run just under 3 miles. It had been pouring with rain all day, but by the time we hit the streets it was gentle drizzle.

I could feel the ache in my foot pretty much as soon as we set off, but it remained a dull ache the whole way round – I’ve decided I can cope with that but will see what the morning brings!




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