Friday Update!!!

Well, it’s the end of the week….

After a mini attempt at running this morning, my arch was aching and now my achilles has joined the party – fun times!!!

Did mean I got to train with Nikki and Jel though!!! Is amazing how in 3 weeks of not training with them I’ve lost my PT fitness even though I’ve gained running fitness (if we ignore the fact I’m injured!!) Was lovely to be out having fun in the park (although at one point Jel did kick me in the head – can’t even remember why now). We did a load of ab stuff, kettlebells, boxing, more ab stuff – it was awesome

Not happy about being injured, but getting some lovely advice from people, especially Lehorse ( – I need to find out how to do little versions of these…..) and Nikki who is replanning my marathon strategy for me and not letting me feel down – thanks guys x




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