Why are doctors* so unhelpful?

So I had my appointment at the doctors today – Tuesday – 3 days after my last long run.

My foot still sore, but better than it was – felt less claw-like.

Wasn’t my usual Dr, but wanted to get seen, find out what was going on ASAP to fix this if at all possible before the marathon……

What a waste of my time! He didn’t want to know, basically as far as he was concerned I was another stupid person trying to run a marathon and I should go home, rest and stop wasting his time.

Did I get a diagnosis? No. Did he suggest anti-inflamatories? No. Icing it? No.

Did he do anything helpful? No……. so frustrated


*to remember that my usual doctor is lovely and v understanding (probably why I couldn’t get an appointment with him for over a week………)

Apologies for the language in the picture, but feels pretty accurate right now 


Apologies for language, but pretty much sums up my trip to the doctors today
Apologies for language, but pretty much sums up my trip to the doctors today

4 thoughts on “Why are doctors* so unhelpful?

  1. Bloody doctors all they will do is tell you not to run blah blah blah if it persists and the bits I have sent you don’t help then get yourself to a good sports physio they will have you sorted in no time and will also be able to pin point what is cauing the problem in the first place.


    1. Thanks! And for the link on my other post – finding a sports physio is the tricky thing – especially one that isn’t too busy with all the other London Marathoners right now!


    1. Thank you! He’s recommended an accupuncturist – but I’m nervous of needles – it’s feeling better, so I’m keeping my fingers crosssed that he’s not needed!!


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