Sunday Shocker (and it wasn’t a hangover)

I woke up on Sunday morning (ok, afternoon, I got home at 2am), got out of bed and my right foot felt like it had seized/ceased(?) up into some claw formation…… it hadn’t but OMG it was sore

I hobbled into the lounge and sat on the sofa to investigate – it felt like I was walking on the outsides of my foot, but not putting the middle down…..

After some poking and prodding I narrowed down the pain – eminating from where I had my blister yesterday, so the inside of my right foot under the arch and back up behind my ankle bone – a quick google revealed this image – my pain exactly

The Pain
The Pain

I checked out the associated website

and tried their diagnostic stand on tip toes test…. I couldn’t do it, couldn’t even lift myself onto my toes – after some ‘woe is me’ time I was treated to a foot massage of ibuprofen gel from my bf – how lucky am I??

Slept so badly overnight, each time I turned over I tested to see if I could still feel it – I could

Woke this morning hoping it had magically gone away – it hadn’t – but the pain isn’t as bad…… so much rest and ice is on the agenda unless anyone has a magical cure for my self-diagnosis of posterior tibial tendon disfunction……..??

Doctor’s appointment tomorrow, so fingers crossed


11 thoughts on “Sunday Shocker (and it wasn’t a hangover)

  1. Hope it gets better soon a couple of good tricks for getting it loostened up and then preventing in the future is 1. picking a towel up with your foot sounds silly but works a treat 2. rolling a tennis ball under your foot heel to toe. Hope these help and you are on the mend soon 🙂


    1. Hi, touchwood, it’s so much better.

      Not sure if it was a weird one off thing or whether the exercises you suggested have done the trick, but either way it’s doing ok – thanks for asking


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