Saturday Run and Birthday Fun

Up at 7am for a magic pancake in preparation for my 14 mile run.

Slightly apprehensive after last week’s 12mile struggle, but very happy to say that my plan of going super slow paid off and I ran the whole distance and felt as though I could have gone further!

I didn’t as I had to get my hair cut at midday – hence the early start……..

I went back up to the cemetery again and had a nice run around – saw another lion and discovered that the founder of the Salvation Army is buried there, and that one of their bigwigs shares my birthday!


Did get 1 very wet foot from a sneaky puddle, ended up with a blister under my right arch and a bit of a sore foot as a result.

One hair cut and a snooze later it was time for birthday celebrations – a night out at Reflex – an 80s themed club – AMAZING!!!!!!



On the tube!
On the tube!

Jenny (on the right) introduced me to jelly shots and test tubes!
Jenny (on the right) introduced me to jelly shots and test tubes!


5 thoughts on “Saturday Run and Birthday Fun

  1. Sounds super… I mean the night out. So it is Happy Birthday than – I guess…
    So how do you actually run slow… I don’t like it and never get the pace right!


    1. The night was so much fun! And thank you
      Running slowly – always been my problem too, learning with Gray and the Chi running it’s all been about perceived effort levels. To warm up it’s about going so slowly that your rate of breathing barley increases – for me it was almost like I was walking I was going that slowly! Then for my long runs I work at a rate where I can easily hold a conversation, as soon as my breath rate increases I know I’m going too fast – it’s not about pace or mph it’s about how fast/slow you feel you’re going. For tempo/interval work it’s a pace where I can’t talk as much/at all!
      It takes a lot of effort to keep an eye on it, my pace has dropped from 9:30-10min/mile to 10-11 min miles now, but I run so much easier and feel good at the end of a run (when I get it right!)


      1. Well believe it… I have tried to run slow and I must admit I am useless. I had off with the best of intentions and a little in the run my head drifts off somewhere else… I would be thinking about all sorts of things and bang… the pace is rubbish again…
        I wonder if this happens to other people as well… or is it just me..?


      2. Not just you!!! I’ve got it under control as Gray was constantly asking ‘how’s the pace?’ ‘How are you feeling?’ which made me keep checking myself, now it’s more of a habit
        I keep saying I should get little audio clips of him reminding me of technique and to check my pace – I’ll send you them if they ever materialise!


      3. Well guess what… since having my Garmin I haven’t been listening to any audio and I enjoy the peace, that is when my head gets the better of me. Please do and I will try it as I still bring the iPhone, just in case of emergency.


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