BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! And a 2 mile run

Friday dawned cold and very misty, but as it was my birthday none of this mattered!!!

I’d badgered my bf into coming out on my little run this morning, and as ever Nikki met us and we walked into the park together. Jel soon arrived and we all started running together – it was a treat to make Jel run far slower than he’d ever usually let us, but it was my run!!!!

Soon enough though Nikki and Jel broke off into their PT session and bf and I carried on up the hill until we reached a mile and then turned around and came back.

I played on the monkey bars for a bit and then it was home for birthday presents and breakfast

Handily one of my pressies was a chocolate cake – somewhat of a tradition in my family that eating desserts for breakfast is perfectly acceptable – the cake was delicious!


Work was lovely – I know someof them read this!! I had a card and some beautiful tulips and even more cake in the afternoon!!!

Brilliant birthday, I wish they’d come around more often…….



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