Last Kettlebell Thursday!

Had a great kettlebell session on Thursday, we did a big overview of what we’d learnt technique wise over the last 4weeks and then finished what we started last week – the Turkish get up!!!

We were all told to go down a weight of KB so I dropped from 10kg to 8kg. We went through with no KB al the moves we needed to do to be able to stand – exhausting with no weight!! Then it was on to using the KB

It was amazing, in a few ‘simple’ moves we were all up standing! Then we had to get back down which I think was trickier as gravity was encouraging me to collapse in a heap rather than come back gracefully!

I was so pleased with the achievement! Sadly the gym is closed for a week now so can’t go back and practise……. but was something good to achieve before I turn 38……..



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