I was here on Sunday – Abney Park Cemetery – Stoke Newington

Highgate Cemetery - New Years Day 2009
Highgate Cemetery – New Years Day 2009

The idea of running through a cemetery is a bit wierd, but it was part of my running route on Sunday and there were plenty of people out walking, and so why not run?

The one on my route on Sunday was Abney Park in Stoke Newington http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abney_Park_Cemetery

I’ve become interested in cemeteries and Highgate in particular as some of my friends volunteer there, also while my mother was researching our family tree it turns out we have 10 distant members of our family buried there! It’s well worth a visit, although I don’t think my family grave has made it onto the tour yet….


And it wasn’t until a quick Google did I realise that Abney as well as Highgate is part of the ‘magnificent seven’ – well worth a read as to why these cemeteries were set up in the first place



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