Chi Running Club – Wednesday 5mile negative split and Running Coaching – is it needed?

Let’s start by giving the end away – what a great run!

It really reminded me how lovely running can be if I manage to keep my pacing under control…….

This was my first Wednesday running club and like the Sunday ones it starts with a short technique session in the gym before moving outside.

There were 2 other people in the class, both also training for the London marathon and having run the Silverstone half marathon at the weekend were having a mild panic! Bit like me a couple of weeks ago, training not gone to plan, unlike me had injury niggles and wanted some advice.

Having trained with Gray for a while now it’s so interesting to listen to what he says and realise that we all go to him with similar fears/worries, each need our own individual fixes but in the end it all comes down to the fact that, odd though it seems to some, we need to be taught how to run properly.

In every other sporting pursuit you wouldn’t question the benefit of having a coach to help you improve, but a lot of runners feel that it’s a crazy idea – but then they don’t question spending a small fortune at a physio or osteopath trying to fix the injuries picked up while running – why not fix the cause of the injury – our running styles……..


So, the run was 5 miles (although my Garmin took forever to sort out its satellites, so you have to imagine the first part of the route – it started at the red end pin, followed the red line up around the park until you hit the green start pin and continues on!) there were some long gentle slopes and some fab downhill bits – for once making the up hills worthwhile!

We had to start at an effort level of around 10 (easy chit-chat pace) move it up to 11 and then 12 (still talk but on the edge of not being able to) for the home stretch.

The run felt amazing, very pleased with my splits, steadily getting faster which was the plan, just sad the garmin missed the first part of it.

Next Wednesday we’re off to Alexandra Palace for a proper hill session….. fun times ahead!


A quick plug for Gray as I think he’s fab and a quote from an email I sent him is on his home page!!!!


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