Whoop!!!! 5mile run with 3mile tempo

So happy!!!! Wednesday’s run is an almost forgotten blip in my training and it did make today’s run so more satisfying :o)

So after the trauma of last week being my last PT session until after the marathon I still met Nikki this morning and we walked to the park together to wait for Jel moaning about the rain

I hid my water under his van while Nikki tried to decide whether she needed gloves or not – big decisions that early in the morning….. I suggested she could always give them to Jel to carry and off they went – I caught a whisp of their conversation – Nikki to Jel ‘why are you wearing so many clothes?!’ never did find out the answer!

I stood waiting for my Garmin to find it’s satellites and I was away too. The nice thing about where we meet Jel is that it’s on a slope so I set off down the hill (this does not happen often if you’re with Jel!!) the intention was to do a mini loop of the park avoiding the big hill then head out and back along the Parkland Walk – up hill going out, so more downhill on the way back and then another loop-ette to make up the distance

After Wednesday I made sure that my first mile was sloooooow, barely a change in my breathing and it felt great! Come mile 2 I was still in the park and could see Nikki already sweating doing step ups on a kerb, after yelling ‘come on Nikki’ it was off to the Parkland walk the pace had picked up and it was fairly comfortable (certainly a lot better than on Wed!)

The Parkland walk is a disused railway line, now muddy/gravelly/stoney and today it was slippy under foot – this is probably a sign that I was pushing off my toes a bit too much, it stopped being slippy after a while but not sure if that’s because I’d sorted my technique out or the terrain had changed!!

I reached the end of the walk having run 3 miles, 2 miles at tempo, had a little breather and took my long sleeved top off – T shirt underneath! Then it was a lovely 1 mile tempo back down the slope (which shows up nicely on the garmin – never realised it was such a height gain before!) I raced away but then reined myself in to make sure I made it back in a decent state. The last mile was back to a gentle effort level which felt great!


As I finished Jel and Nikki were stretching, so I joined in – I was planning on keeping a respectful distance so Nikki could enjoy the full attention of her PT session, but I forgot that bit and we were soon chatting away! I even got a high 5 from Jel at the end!!

Oh, and I saw a greenfinch as I left the park

Hope everyone has a great run today and over the weekend!! And thanks for your support on Wednesday



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