Magic Pancakes

I’ve been meaning to post this for ages

My lovely friend Jane is someone I admire very much for many reasons – she runs her own business, always looks fabulous and always has time to share if you need it, but best of all has shared her magic pancake recipe with me (and everyone who reads her blog!)

The magic pancake is perfect fuel for my runs – 3 basic ingredients, and with all my nutritional expertise (read that as none) I’ll tell you why

A magic pancake for 1

1 egg – they’re good for you! I often manage to get eggs from a friend at work from her chickens, so even better!

1 tablespoon crème fraiche – it’s French, it’s fancy, so must be good for you (also accidently bought fromage frais and it worked equally as well, probably because it’s also French…..)

½ cup of porridge oats (or 3 ½ tbsp.) – they’re Scottish and they’re tough up there and anything that helps a man cross the windswept highlands in a skirt has got to be good for you

So that’s covered the 3 basic ingredients….. other additions include

A drizzle of maple syrup – really you can’t have the pancake without this, but maple syrup comes from Canada and NOTHING bad comes from there………..

Blueberries – they actually are good for you – antioxidants and what not (and they’re yummy)


So in short, magic pancakes – awesome food – keep you full up to lunch time and feel like a proper treat


Might be best to read Jane’s post for full details though!




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