Kettlebell Thursdays

I was caught by Gray going to kettlebells – he was PTing another girl and spotted me walking past….. Naughty Emma – I’m supposed to just be concentrating on my running, but I loved the idea of learning more about kettlebells and it’s only been a 5 week course, over next week and then it’s just running between then and the marathon (honest….)

The class was HARD, but then it always has been! By the first water break I was shattered, but that’s when I realized we’d been at it for 40mins and there were only 20 to go!

Richard was very happy with our form on the swings, presses and cleans… so we moved on to part of a ‘Turkish get up’ for some reason I’ve always called the Russian get ups, no idea why….. have done them once before, not properly, but with a medicine ball and with the aim of just getting up from lying down to my feet……

Turkish Get Up
Turkish Get Up

part 2
part 2

We did steps 1-7 and then and then to top right of the 2nd picture – so hard! Lots of people swapped down to a lighter bell, as I’d swapped down the previous week (so I could actually do more than 1.5 presses) I persevered with my 10kg one. It was stage 5 that was the hardest – getting your shoulders off the floor, once I’d got there the rest was relatively easy!!

The best tip we were given was to keep pushing the kettlebell up towards the ceiling and locking your elbow out – it worked, the only time we were in real danger of hitting ourselves in the face was bringing the bell back down!

It was very tiring and on our final round of ‘get ups’ Richard had to lift my shoulders off the floor for me!

As ever the class ended with a kettlebell challenge, set of single arm swings and burpees – increasing from 1-5 on one side and then 1-5 on the other – super hard, but so much fun

Last week is the last session and I’ll miss it when it’s over….. roll on 22nd April!


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