worst run since training began

Not quite sure what happened today, but none of it was good…… my run today was due to be a 5mile run with 2x 1 mile intervals
I set off at my usual 10min/mile pace, warmed up for 1 mile, then my garmin beeped and off I went for the 1st interval. It appears I went too fast and after 1/2 a mile I’d given myself a stitch, felt very close to being sick and had to stop and walk to sort myself out.
Back into a gentle run, all good, tried going slightly faster, nauseous again, so slowed.
By mile3 I felt fine and having decided that I was heading straight back to work rather than trying to eek my route out to the full 5 miles I thought I’d have one last go through the park to pick up some speed – it felt like I was running through treacle and was not even breaking 10min/mile…… never had this before and it’s horrible

Got back to work and into the tea room to get some water and there was cheese and wine…. so life isn’t all bad!

what should have been 5 miles with 2x 1mile intervals .


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