I am not that kind of girl……

My friend Nikki sent this to me today, she knew it would make me laugh, the things they suggest, if I took their advice, would involve me making more effort to go to the gym than I do in every day life…..

For me going to the gym is to exercise and get fit so I’m interested to hear what you think?



8 thoughts on “I am not that kind of girl……

  1. I love my snazzy running gear, it doesn’t make my running any better but it sure helps my confidence that often is very low. When I see my fellow bootcampers or running people outside of exercise time they often don’t recognise me 🙂 but each to their own, go for whatever helps.


    1. Hee Hee, I’ve had that before seeing people in every day clothes rather than running/exercise gear. It’s also the make up/anti shine/anti redness thing – the least of my worries!


  2. I don’t worry about the make up or the updo – I wear the same running cap all the time. However I do put makeup on for a running event – everytime I do this I think “I’m mad” – it’s sweated off within minutes. But it’s my little confidence boosting thing again. Whatever works! In fact I usually am so red in the face after a run that I look very much like a sweaty tomato and it lasts for hours!


    1. So interesting, how a big races seems to change what people do! I just want to be comfortable first, the way I look is secondary!! Sometimes I do catch myself and think ‘what do you look like?’ especially while it’s been so cold!


  3. Accidentally unfollowed you. Fixed it now. New to blogging world and hit following button at the top. I thought it would list who I was following, but it made me unfollow you. I see now that it had a check in it because Im following you. Still learning! I’m a mom, a teacher, a runner, and a writer (kind of), but I’m not really a blogger yet. Making lots of mistakes.
    Love your blog. 🙂


    1. Ah, thanks! I’m new to all this too, finding a list of who you follow is tricky! I’m learning new stuff every day – decided to add wigets yesterday – seemed I’d already added some, not sure how/when but they were there!!


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