10 miles in Birmingham

Had a lovely weekend on Birmingham staying with a friend who also runs.

He’s run London 2x before and the Oakley 20 and done Tough Mudder – needless to say his brain was picked and advice sought

Made me slightly nervous about Oakley, mostly by telling me it’s pretty hilly….. I could do with an extra week in my schedule before running it as I’m behind in my mileage for long runs, but with their renowned hoodie on offer I’m prepared to give it my best shot!

One good thing about Birmingham is its canal, they make for great flat runs! I had to run up a hill to get to it, but also knew that the last mile back would be a great downhill!

Sadly the Garmin elevation thing doesn’t quite reflect that and for some reason the auto-pause wasn’t working but it did show that I’d run on water – an impressive feat…….

It was a good run but oh so cold…… I had a vest, a t shirt, a long sleeved fleecy top on and a buff on my head and was about right! Running through the tunnels along the canal there were icicles hanging from the roof – kind of an indication of the chilliness!


Also tried Clif bloks for the first time, like little cubes of energy jelly – they were good, berry flavour was yummy and not too sweet. Have invested in a waist running pouch thing at Nikki’s recommendation ( I borrowed my friend’s today and it was great, not at all annoying as I thought it might be)

Depending on how I feel tomorrow I’m starting to look forward to 12 miles next weekend!


7 thoughts on “10 miles in Birmingham

  1. I love that Garmins take you across the water sometimes. Wait till it maps the Canary Wharf bit of your London Marathon – you’ll be all over the place (crossing water/ over the top of the HSBC building…!)


      1. Well – all the snow is gone and to tell the truth… as nice as the snow is around xmas time… I am glad to see the back of it and cannot wait for some more degrees… so in direction spring.
        I see your training is going well… admire the people who can run the marathon distance… I am toying with the idea of a half marathon… however not really sure – might start with some 10s first… any advice..?


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