Last PT in the park for a while :o(

I said in my previous post that I’ve never been too bothered before by a crazy training plan, too many sessions together etc until today.

It was a sad morning this morning as for the first time in nearly 3 years I’ve made the conscious decision to stop training with Jel until after the London Marathon (well, apart from one, but that’s ToughMudder related!)

My number of running days has increased this week and trying to do PT with Jel would have me training 6 out of 7 days, Grey has been wanting me not to do Jel sessions, or at least take it easy within them (like that’s ever going to happen!) since Christmas, but I’ve resisted, until the last 2 weeks when my body has started to tell me that maybe it’s a training session too far. I’m really sad about it as I love training with Jel and the fact I also get to hang out and train with Nikki at the same time makes Friday mornings even better.

I’m going to miss them both, we had a great session today, I really loved it but I struggled and not because Jel was pushing us, but because my legs were tired and I don’t want to compromise my running or not be able to put in 100% to my PT sessions

The session is a blur; I remember there was some piggy backing, a lot of jumping jacks and running. Then were were on the TRX which we’ve not done for ages – I love all the work we do on there apart from when I have my feet in the hand loops – the exercises down there make my back crunch – Jel could actually hear it today, so we tried to do plank to press up – I do not have the strength in my body for that and kept collapsing in a heap – couldn’t get from press up to plank or from plank to press up.

 In the end we gave up and did monkey bars. Nikki was amazing, so proud of her this morning, she went all the way across, turned around while still holding on to the bars and came all the way back!

We both agreed that our kettlebell work had really improved our grip ability, so I’m going to have to practise by myself now to try and keep up with her!

Kept putting off telling Jel that this was our last session as I’m rather prone to tears when I get emotional, but finally sat in the van heading towards my house there was no time left but to say the words out loud (am I sad to be this upset? I feel as though I am, but I really will miss the sessions).


Feel better now though as by the time I’d got to work – breakfast, shower and a tube ride later – I realised that on a Friday I’m meant to be running 5 miles – that’s pretty much 50minutes of running for me – so I’m going to still meet Nikki, walk to the park together, run around while she trains and then stand close by when they’re done so we can stretch together!!


One thought on “Last PT in the park for a while :o(

  1. Kingo

    Gutted that you wont be training with me for a while but it will all be worth it when you kick ass at the marathon!! x


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