Kettlebell Thursday!

I think it’s safe to say that a 6mile run followed a hardcore kettlebell session is not the wisest thing to be doing, but up until today I’ve never been one to care too much – it’s fun!

The session followed what is becoming the usual pattern, a really good warm up, technique – today transitioning from a swing to a clean into the rack position – broke it down into easy bits and there we were cleaning with the best of them!

We then did some drills, cleans presses, lunges, more mobility stuff without the bells, circuits and then a final 10 minutes of core stuff – pretty much crawling along the floor pushing the kettlebell! Glamorous stuff

Then a lovely stretch (I do love my stretching)

Was shattered and hungry when I got home – had a random combo of left over veg with left over mackerel, followed by leftover Thai green curry – what’s not to love!



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