How can you get lost running around a park?

That’s my question for today….. How? It should have been easy, keep the park on your left….. But somehow I managed to cross a road and magically end up a whole street away from the park. I thought things didn’t look familiar and had this confirmed when the mosque I usually run by was in the wrong place and I ended up at Madame Tussauds….. Having since looked at a map I now see my mistake, but still…. What a wally.

On a far more exciting front it was my first run with my pink Garmin Forerunner 10. It took a while to find my satellites and so I was stood outside work for long enough for a colleague to wander past and mock my slow walk to a more open spot by asking if this was how fast I ran……

I’d turned on the pace function and the auto pause (which pauses the recording every time you stand still – at road crossings etc) and it was beeping away at me in no time – on pace, below pace, above pace – for this run I decided to kind of ignore it and just see how my run went trying to use my perceived effort level to judge the pace. Not had a chance to download the run, but hopefully tonight.

I had to run for 60mins so the plan was to extend my normal loop around Regents Park by crossing over into Primrose Hill for a bit and then continuing along the usual route home (back to work). What actually happened was run around park, Primrose Hill, forget to cross back into park, but carry on on a road that runs parallel, get a bit suspicious that things weren’t right, be proved right, make my way back on to the route, as I get close to work realize I still have 10 mins of my run to do so wend my way around the streets by work looping around and back until the 60 minutes were up! Going the wrong way was a good thing – it increased the distance I ran!

Black was the planned route
Red/purple? Slightly lost!

5 thoughts on “How can you get lost running around a park?

  1. I am the worst at directions, I get lost all the time, even if I’ve been there before a million times! When I run new places, I have to make sure I bring my phone with me because I’ve gotten lost so many times before! I’m glad I’m not the only one who does things like that!! 🙂


  2. Those gadgets… make you loose your direction… I guess. Brilliant though – isn’t it… get mine on Saturday… and can’t wait. The Nike today again has been useless… 😦


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