Beautiful Sunday run, a new purchase and some worries

Yesterday was such a beautiful day here in London, I hope lots of people were out to enjoy it – they certainly were in Hyde Park where I met up with 2 lovely friends who were kind enough to share with me their 5mile loop around the park and then go the extra mile (literally – I had to run 6) to complete the first half of my training for the London Marathon.

It was so sunny and warm compared to the last few weekends where there’s been either snow or rain to contend with, that and the fact I was running with 2 lovely ladies made it my favorite run of training so far.

Training with other people makes such a difference – we nattered all the way round – helped me make sure I was running at a slow enough speed that I could still talk, but also the company makes the time fly by – tried to persuade one or both of them to get a charity place for the marathon just so I could train with them more, but sadly no……

What it did make me realise though is the wonders of a GPS watch, knowing how far we’d run and at what speed was great

After a good stretch in the sunshine and some impromptu press ups (I had aching muscles from press ups on Friday, these were to check that that was indeed the cause of the pain – it was) we headed home.

I went home via the gym for a quick bit of kettlebell practice aimed at not bruising my forearms quite so much – managed to find a 10kg rather than the 12kg I’ve been using in the classes and that was a bit easier (obviously) and so a bit more controllable – think I’ve got the technique a bit better now, but Thursday will tell.

So, back home and browsing reviews of Garmins and in a mass of confusion as what features are ‘needed’ is current pace vs average pace better, heart rate monitor compatible? etc etc my boyfriend piped up that he knew a good reviews site……. and he was right!

Amazing site you could spend hours on there – the reviews are incredibly in depth, but also when people post questions he replies to them, and I almost found that part of the review more helpful in making my decision to go for a Garmin FR10, that and it comes in pink, and Tesco has £10 off and they’re giving £5 to cancer research making it £89.99 rather than the usual £99.99 – pink and discounted – I was in! Getting it delivered to the store across the road from work, so no postage to pay either!

So pretty!
So pretty!

All in all a successful Sunday.

Except that I heard somewhere/somehow that Sunday was the midpoint of most people’s London Marathon training, which made me panic, I then realised that while I have been enjoying this week of taking it easy (timetabled in by Gray who has written my program) that the furthest I’ve run is 8miles…… admittedly we had a small hiccup of a missed week of training when I was ill, but even so I’m a tad worried, especially as I’ve signed up for the Oakley 20 in 5 weekends time…….

I’ve emailed Gray and asked if I need to panic, he says no, so I actually feel much better just from that! He’s a man with a plan and we’re going to sit down on Wednesday and have him talk me through it. I’ve liked not knowing what the training will be from week to week, but now I feel like I need to know to make sure we hit targets and I’m ready come marathon day 

The other issue I now face is that the showers at work are being refurbished and will be out of action for 5 weeks – 5 whole weeks – that’s 15 runs worth of showers…. apparently there are some in the building next door that we can use, but really, they could have figured marathon training schedules into their scheme of work?




12 thoughts on “Beautiful Sunday run, a new purchase and some worries

  1. Am very excited to have finally made a decision! His website is amazing, still haven’t had a chance to look beyond the garmin product reviews, can’t wait to sit and see what else is on there


      1. Once you get it… you’ll love it… friend of mine has one for a good while now and he is over the moon with it… He used Nike and since the arrival of the Garmin, won’t go near Nike anymore… Like myself – he had his share of troubles with it… guess you will be happy with it too…


      2. Can’t wait for mine to arrive… believe me. The GPS data collection on Nike is a bit of a headache… getting a starting signal is like wating for santa… 🙂


  2. So you decided on the FR 10? Awesome! The pink must have been too irresistable :). I am still loving mine. Think I went to that same review site before deciding on it. Hope you enjoy it!


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