Friday PT in the Park!

This morning’s PT session dawned as quite a surprise – my alarm hadn’t gone off…….

Nikki and I have a system that when she gets to the tube station she gives me a missed call and I know I have enough time to brush my teeth and put my trainers on, then we walk to the park together. So I’ve normally had 30minutes to have some food, water, get dressed, move around and most importantly wake up!

This morning Nikki was greeted with me brushing my teeth unable to hear her say hello over the noise of my electric toothbrush….. I had managed to do all of the above in the 6minutes since she’d called but wake up – I clearly need those extra 30minutes to be able to face the world……

It was a treat to walk to the park in the daylight and it was relatively mild – double bonus all round.

The session was hard and I didn’t enjoy it – Jel says it’s because he was pushing me, but I think it’s because it was in a style I don’t like so much – there was no running around between exercises to break the pain, it was one set of hard work to another….. so, actually, Jel was probably right!!

We had a warm up on the basketball courts – always a bad sign in my experience, but the pain was to occur on the grass next to the courts. He wanted us to do a ‘fitness challenge’ it involved 12 press ups, 12 sit ups (touching toes and then ground behind your head), 12 burpees (but without the jump) then 3x there and back to a bag 30m away.

Off we went, Nikki was slightly ahead on the 3rd set and running, I set off at a sprint believing it was our last run back of the entire test – told her to “sprint it out” rather than the mere run she was doing. I turned to do my last shuttle to turn back around to discover her doing more sets – we were doing 5 in total, not 3…… I was not happy having really pushed myself….. 2 sets later then we were done!

Then we were on to 50 squats with bottoms pretty much going down to heels, if we stopped we had to jog out to the bag and back, or we could opt to jog there. We both pushed on through 50, ran out and back to a cone (bliss to the legs!) and followed by 50 Christinas (tried Googling this, but can’t get beyond Christina Applegate/Aguilera…..) so, you stand with your feet together, legs as straight as you can while touching your toes, bend your knees so your bottom does hit your heels, straighten your legs up again while keeping your fingers on your toes – repeat 50 times. After 20 I took a voluntary jog out, another 10 and I paused and was sent for a run, then 20 more (Nikki just had 1 run I think) then another nice run out to the cone – Nikki informed me not to run around the cone as ‘it’s really painful’. The last exercise of torture was plank to press up 30x up and down. I was doing ok, but then Jel wanted us to do them with only 1 leg on the floor, I had a minor breakdown over this, hand my knees and head on the floor when Jel appeared next to me and told me to carry on or he was going to bite me (not in a down with the kids ‘bite me’ kind of a way, just actually bite me). So I carried on, Nikki finished her 30, I said I was going to pretend I’d done mine, but Jel said I owed him 4 more….. I was tired, I bartered “if I show you my bra can I not do them?” he agreed, so I did (only the shoulder strap though!!!)

It was worth showing! (But worth noting that that is not me! Borrowed from the manufacturers website!)


The last fun of the day was kettlebells. A move I couldn’t get the hang of and something that if Nikki’s face was anything to go by neither could she.

But then it was all over, a lovely stretch, big group hug and plans to go out for Turkish food soon!

Happy Weekend!


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