Survived Kettlebells and a Run in the sun!

Before I went to my kettlebell class last night a friend of mine from got in touch with some advice as to how to avoid the bruising on my forearms I’d got last week – he recommended watching a video from a lady called Keira Newton, brilliant, infact all the videos I’ve now watched from her are great, really helpful on technique, given me a lot to try and remember!

After last nights class I have 2 tiny bruises on my forearms, but so much better compared to last week as are the aches and pains, can only feel it a little bit in my back.

Went out for a run at lunchtime today – what a change to the weather – it was dry! it was sunny! I wore less clothing! Out for 45 minutes, took a different meandering route around the inside Regents Park it was lovely, proper Spring feeling to the day. Saw a man sat on a bench having a v thorough but dry shave – he was at it as I went out and still there on my way back. Also had to save a girl from a flock of birds – she was scared of them, so I cleared us both a path!

Valentines tonight involves a trip to Nandos at London Bridge – perfect fuelling for tomorrow PT session with Jel and Nikki. I’ve asked Jel if we can do this tomorrow

Jel’s reply “Only blindfolded and with the kettle bells alight hanging from the monkey bars ……….unless its raining!”

Seems fair enough to me!



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