Another cold run – even the animals were inside

Went out for a 45 minute run yesterday lunch time round Regents Park.

There was snow on the ground and falling when I left home in the morning, but by the time I went out that had all gone and was replaced by miserable sleet and a cold wind.

To mix things up a bit (after running on the other side of the road last week) I went around the park clockwise for the first time ever – you see things so differently! At about halfway there was a hill (well, not hill but more than just an incline) I’ve never noticed it as a significant downhill when running the other way around – weird

Since I’ve been Chi-Running I have started to notice other runners form a lot more. It’s fascinating; there’s a man in Finsbury Park who looks like a frog running on his back legs, but yesterday there was a lot of men running with one arm by their side and the other bent at the elbow and swinging – I wondered if it was some kind of code, or experiment, very odd – makes me want to go up to people and ask if they know they’re doing it!

Today is a lovely lovely rest day, no aches from running (touch wood) but still have my stupid cold and the last remnants of back ache from kettlebells last week……


2 thoughts on “Another cold run – even the animals were inside

  1. Thats interesting that you are looking at people’s form. Since I started working on mine – I can’t help it – I see a runner and have to see how they are striking, how their posture is,etc..

    As for the bent elbow – My son started doing that! I am trying to help him break it as it is on the same side as his side cramps (Coincidence? I doubt it!!!)

    How do you like the Chi Running so far?


  2. I am loving the Chi Running, have done since I had an introductory session last year – where running was always a struggle, it now feels so much easier!

    How does your son take your advice? I was thinking it would have been nice to run with my parents when I was younger, but then I wouldn’t have listened to them however good their advice was!


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