Running in the rain

Sunday dawned with less pain but that hindrance to running was replaced with a major downpour of rain – I’m amazed I didn’t spot Noah out

With an 80 minute run ahead of me I waited until 3.30pm in the hope that the rain might ease or stop. No such luck unfortunately so it was time to wrap up and head out before it got too dark to do the route I wanted to do – 2x out and back along the Parkland walk (1x there and back = 3 miles) and then a loop of Finsbury park to make up the distance.

The Parkland walk is along an old disused railway line. Does tend get a bit muddy and the days worth of rain had turned it into a bit of a mud bath – there was no trying to run around the puddles, was easier just to bite the bullet and start going straight through them! After a while it became a treat to go through a really big one – it cooled my feet off!

All was going ok until I came off the walk and headed into the park – the walk is quite sheltered whereas the park is rather exposed – the wind was really cold and it gave me an icecream headache running into it (not helped by the rain), but the end was in sight and in my mind my boyfriend was making me a cup of tea when I got home.

Infact he went one better – he’d just had a shower so he ran the water for me and I jumped into the nice warm water, or at least what I knew was warm, but felt cold as my skin was scarlet and had lost all feeling……. Not good……. Took me over an hour (with my cup of tea, PJs, dressing gown and fleecy blanket) to warm back through and it was really only fixed with food

I’m hoping that it’s not like that during the marathon. One of my friends ran in those sorts of conditions a few years ago and he was a gibbering mess at the end of it (he’s super sporty so I dread to think what would become of me)

What was nice on the run though was that I passed a lot of other runners going the opposite way and every one of them smiled/waved hello – all sharing the insane madness of the weather together


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