PT in Finsbury Park and then nothing until Sunday!

After last nights exertions I was a little worried about PT this morning, thankfully I woke and was able to get out of bed and walk. All I had was a bit of an aching back which we were warned may happen

It was a really frosty morning, the cars were covered with it. I met Nikki and we walked to the park together – we’ve done this all winter for safety as it’s v dark in the park, or has been until today when we started our session in the daylight!

You know it’s going to be a hard session when you start off having to carry 2 medicine balls with you, the beautiful sunrise was a momentary distraction, but didn’t last long, we headed downhill and the view was lost……

And it was a hard session, lots of running around with the balls, most of the time up hill or so it seemed!

We’d been out in the park for a while and were heading back towards where we meet which is usually a sign that we’re about to get water – which while I think about it we didn’t have any today – and then do some boxing, skipping, ab stuff etc, but no, Jel announced that our sessions are always too short and we realised that it was almost over! Sad news, but did explain the tiredness!

It seems to becoming a theme -Nikki texting Jel post session to inform him that she ached.

The response?

Jel: You smashed your legs and arms at a fairly low tempo, but you defo smashed it!

Nikki: Low tempo is deceiving!

She is not far wrong……


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