Kettlebells in Finsbury Park

Tonight was the first of 5 kettlebell classes I’ve signed up to in my gym – Premier Fitness

There were about 10th of us, so nice small group and 3 of us are girls!

We had a god warm up using a vib-r (I think that’s what they’re called – big long cylinder thing) did some stretches and then we were talked through the basics of the kettlebell swing, practicing the swing, thrusting and where we should be looking before even selecting our kettlebell.

I went for the safe option of an 8kg one, but after a few swings I had to go up to the 12kg (there were no 10s)

The hour flew by with a mixture of swings, push and presses – struggled with the 12kg on that….. sargent(?) jumps – jumping up and touching the floor 10x, holding kettlebell in ‘rack’ position then lunging and all kinds of other stuff -this is why I need Nikki to train with me as I can never remember what I’ve done!

Then we did a tabata thing 20sec exercise and 10sec rest doing a combo of everything we covered.
Followed by a great stretch.

Over the course of the class we learnt that we would ache tomorrow, less next week, but still ache! We would get bruises from holding the kettlebell in the rack position.

But most importantly discovered that we’d signed up to a really fun class that was going to push us and make us sweat – it was dripping off me into the floor – nice!


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