Chi-Running Tempo Training in Finsbury Park

The day I feared dawned far too early

At the gym for 7.15am to warm up for my first Gray-monitored tempo run (I am not a fan of running fast – short sprint I can deal with, but over distance, not so much)

Heart rate monitor on we headed out into Finsbury Park and the arctic air hit us – I know Gray’s right when he says that relaxing will actually warm me up, but hunching against the wind seemed a better option!

Once we hit the gentle slope that is always the start of the run, the wind was still there but I was warmer…… We had a mile to warm up at a nice easy chit-chat level of effort, but as we left the park and headed for the Parkland Walk I had to up the tempo to where I could speak the odd few words. Gray agreed he’d chat to keep me amused so I had to agree to up the pace!

We ran up the Walk a mile and then a mile back. Out is a gentle, almost imperceptible uphill while back is a gentle downhill (obviously!!). Keeping the speed up was hard on the way out, but Gray was happy with my heart rate, so my effort level was good.

Stopped to take my long sleeves off at the turn around before enjoying the psychological boost of the slight downhill and I got to stop and play with a very cute and muddy puppy – Gray almost tripped over it, so I had to stop so I didn’t bump into him, so thought I’d say a quick hello!!!

Learnt when I get tired I really need to focus on elongating my neck and relaxing my shoulders – you’ll spot me hunching before I know it! Gray and his eagle eyes won’t let you rest for a minute in terms of posture and form – I might record him and play him back when I’m out on my long runs – will keep me amused as I run.

We gently trotted back to the gym, my finally being able to chat again! Took off our muddy shoes and had a lovely stretch, planned the next 2 weeks of exercise culminating in our next session of speed work/hill running – actually looking forward to it!


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