London Marathon – meet the experts or buy discounted clothing?

Saturday saw me and Nikki heading to the London Marathon’s ‘meet the experts’ day

We’ve both been before, 2011 for Nikki’s London marathon and me last year before everything went wrong!

It’s an amazing and inspiring day where they talk to you about preparation for the day – training, nutrition, clothing etc. what to expect on race day – when to eat breakfast, travelling to the start, the course, breaking that down into sections, the finish – pick a letter to meet under – their tip is down in the x/y/z area – not too many people with those surnames!

I left last year very excited and really looking forward to the day despite all the training that would have to go on between now and then….. I also left with 4 pairs of trainers – 2 for myself and after a quick call to Nikki, 2 for her – they were buy one pair get one free how can a girl resist?!!!

What we’d both noticed was that there was no one checking/registering you, so we thought this year we’d chance it, wander in and do a bit of shopping….

Adidas are the clothing sponsor and were there in full force with lovely marathon 2013 branded clothing and more trainers than you could shake a stick at. Nikki wanted her gait analysed, so we queued and chatted to lots of other excited people including one poor girl who had been fitted for shoes in a shop, spent £90 on a pair of Adidas and was now in running agony – she’d brought them with her so I hope they sorted her out. That is the nightmare, a quick trot on a treadmill in a shop and that’s it, you part with a large sum of money and there’s really no come back. Although I went to Canada once and went to an amazing chain of running stores (The Running Room) where they actually let you go outside for a run around a running track (the shops are usually based next/near to one) – I resisted shoes, but did get a lovely long sleeved top with the Canadian flag on!

I went with the intention of getting a long sleeved top that I’ve had my eye on, but before we’d even made it down the staircase we’d both spotted a very nice red short sleeved top with a little union jack on the back….. I’ve never spent real money on running clothing before, and there was a discount, and it was very nice, as was the long sleeved one….. So I bought both!!!!


Can only find a picture of one though – it’s very soft and comfy to wear – as I did for my run on Sunday……..


3 thoughts on “London Marathon – meet the experts or buy discounted clothing?

  1. I went to Up and Running and did a jog around the shopping centre to cjeck they were ok. Nice top, have you seen RunBreeze? I’ve have one of their half zip tops which is great.


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