Chi-Running in Finsbury Park

Sunday was my first run since the evil cold returned.

I’d persuaded Nikki to come along to the Chi-Running Club my PT Gray runs. It starts with an indoor studio session going over the basic points of Chi-Running and discussing what would be the ‘focuses’ to think about on our run.

This time it was breathing, concentrating on keeping my shoulders and arms relaxed so the chest is kept nice and open but also making sure you fully breathe out, emptying the lungs, and then allowing the air to come back in to fill the space – trying to stop you gulping air in!

Gray also suggested taking a tissue with us and trying nasal breathing – in and out through your nose – this should help you maintain a nice easy pace when running as breathing solely through your nose will limit the amount of oxygen you can take in – if you need more oxygen you’re breathing too hard and so running too fast for a nice easy pace….. Interesting, but one for another day – my nose was still full of cold – it wouldn’t have been pretty!!!!

The aim was to run 9 miles, but by about 7 miles the trainer on my right foot was rubbing on my instep and my left knee and achilles were painful…….

There were about 10 of us, we could run 1.5, 3 or 9 miles. The 9 mile run was 3 laps of the park in Finsbury Park and then out and back along the Parkland Walk and one final lap of the park – we were back in the park with just over another mile to go when I decided that I was heading back to the gym where we’d started as it seemed silly to push the aches for another mile.

As it turned out, everyone else was coming back too so I didn’t feel like I was wimping out!

Was lovely being out for a run with Nikki and along the Parkland Walk we were joined by 2 of the other men and chatted to them along the way – time flew by. They suggested finding a park run which I think I will bear/bare in mind for after the marathon as they tend to be only 5km!

Was interesting to see what Nikki and the other 2 men, all new to Chi-Running, had thought of the session – all agreed you needed more than the brief 60 minute overview we’d had and I’d agree with that – it was very similar to my first session where I’d found everything very forced, I found the exercises we’d done so much easier this time around as I’d practised them and understood what the posture etc was meant to feel like – it’s all about ‘body sensing’ or propriopreception (I had to Google the spelling of that!).

What they did all agree was that the studio session had made them more aware of their posture, at one point Nikki realised she was hunching her shoulders, relaxed them and her running became easier – which is what it’s all about!

Gray took this picture before we started the run – I’ve ‘borrowed’ it!



2 thoughts on “Chi-Running in Finsbury Park

  1. I need to get back in to my ChiRunning style. I was thinking about it on the mornings run, making sure I was leaning forward at the ankles.


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