Energizer Night Run and Oakley 20

Very excited, I’ve just signed up for the Energizer Night Run the weekend before the London Marathon – 10km around Battersea in the dark with head torches (what could possibly go wrong??) http://energizernightrun.co.uk – just incase someone fancies it you can get £5 off entry with the code ‘HOMERUN’ they’ve also given me a ‘power up code’ REF3828949413 not entirely sure what it does, but you can enter it when signing up!

Doing it with some of my Tough Mudder buddies – the lovely Nikki and the fabulous Alison have signed up so far!

I also entered the Oakley 20 (http://www.bedfordharrier.me.uk/oakley2013/oakley_index.php) at the weekend – other running friends have told me what a great race it is and you get a hoody at the end – 24th March, perfect timing for a 20mile run – love it when running 20 miles seems like a great idea!!!



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